Welcome from Grace Lutheran Church

Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church in Scarsdale, NY, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). As a congregation of diversity, we acknowledge that the faithful have different views on what is 'pleasing and commendable' (Philippians 4). We promise to listen to one another and consider other views, in order that we may grow in Spirit as individuals, and as a congregation. All are welcome! God's work, our hands.


Pastor: Rev. Ann Tiemeyer (interim)

Council: President: Anjali Walter
Treasurer: Maureen Palumberi
Secretary: Carol Boyd
Creative Playtime Board Chair: Julia Mord

Bookkeeping: Nick Granauro

Administrative Assistant: Cheryl Wesley

History of Grace Lutheran Church

In 1949, a community of 18 people gathered together to build what would become Grace Lutheran Church in Northern Eastchester as an expression of their faith in God, in themselves and in their community and of hope in what God would build through them.

It was that faith that would shape the course of the next few years as the community would gather to meet in fellowship and in study wherever God made room for them. It would be another 3 years before the first sanctuary on Alida Street would be completed and another 15 years before the sanctuary on Grand Boulevard was finished.

In 1981, the people of Grace Lutheran answered God’s call yet again by founding a neighborhood preschool to foster the development of children of all faiths in a caring and nurturing environment. Creative Playtime continues to serve the needs of families for safe, affordable and engaging preschool education in the Eastchester and Scarsdale communities.

The church building may have been finished in 1964 but its legacy is not in its stained glass windows, school classrooms or brick and stucco façade but in its people who after more than 70 years still come together as those 18 people did then to celebrate our faith, our families and our community.

Please join us and see how you can help make Grace Lutheran Church’s next 70 years as memorable as its past 70 years.

“We should call it ‘Grace Lutheran Church’ because by the grace of God, here we are.”